I can see your face

So many times this past week I have felt a little tug on my heartstrings when I think of the people who have in simple and gentle ways brightened my days in this city. And even though I have not left, now and then I think of them when I am alone, and I know I will miss them.

For the wonderful way you embrace me when you see me cry… for the quiet understanding you’ve extended me as well as the thousand and one ways you show your care without announcing it… for the little souvenirs from around the world that show how well you know me, for sharing in my life, letting me care for you, and for being a true and loyal friend… I could never ever forget you.

For all the times you buy dinner back for me, for the times you call my name just to ‘annoy’ me, for the times you bump me with your butt and make faces behind my back… for relishing it when I sayang you, for the comedy, the coffee/tea, the quiet afternoons reading in cafes, for the sheer affection you show me… thinking of you will always make me smile.

For the breakfasts, brunches, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners… for the deep discussions as well as the spirited chats about ‘nothing’… for allowing me to share from the deepest parts of my soul, for listening, for opening your heart to me… for all the masses we’ve attended together and so many little moments I cannot count… I believe in you and in all the good you can do. May you grow stronger and wiser and more loving with each day… you can and you will be able to take care of people around you!

For the photographs, the simple yet crazy laughs… for the gossip and the sharing… for just being so sunny and smiling… for your beautiful taste in accessories and youthful exuberance… for laughing so heartily at my stories… I will miss you!

For the lunches and dinners and teas, infrequent as they are… for your common interest in music and all things Disney… for your funny stories, sharp wit and infectious laughter, for your listening ear and quiet warmth… for the ways in which the way you live make me think about my life… I will always be grateful.

For the times you’ve sought me out, your crazy love for flowers, your determination and drive for excellence… for the courage you’ve shown in facing your weakness and the sincerity with which you desire to accept yourself… You are a lovely person. May you come to believe in yourself more and more and may you learn to relax and appreciate the peace that can be found even in the most busy of lives.

For being there even though not very much with me… for inspiring and reassuring me with your own personal growth… for the passion you show and the love you put into things and people you care deeply about… for the honey water you made for me years ago and the medicine you went to buy late at night… in your own way you’ve left a mark in my life. I hope we’ll see more of each other in Singapore next time. I wish you well in everything!

For your lovely smiles, delicious baking, shy laughter and warm presence… though we have not talked much I’ve also seen you grown over the last 4 years, and I’m happy for you. May you find serenity and beauty in your life and much joy!

For the yoga partnerships, the lunches at Timmies… for the pastries and the love that bubbles up from within you… :) I couldn’t be more glad that you’ve become my friend too… wished I had gotten to know you earlier. But then again, everything happens for a reason and perhaps this way was the best! *wink* Must keep up the yoga practice! Maybe one day in future we can go for yoga together again!

For trusting me when you first came to Toronto, for your winning smiles and gentle laughter… for the spirited love we share for figure-skating, ballet, and TSO performances… for the dinner invitations and the numerous gifts you’ve given me over the last 3 years… thank you. Your face is there too when I think of Toronto and the friends who have warmed my home and heart.

For the wonderful conversations we had those two days… though our friendship may have just begun, I’m thankful to God for bringing you into my life here in Toronto. God willing, may our paths cross again and may we both grow in faith and love!

There are others too… some of whom have left Toronto before me, some of whom are no longer a part of my life in Toronto… but for them too I recall their faces, and their beautiful smiles… and I whisper a prayer for all those whom God has put into my life in Toronto. Such blessings they have been to me… there is not one person I have regretted knowing or loving.

I thank God. I thank you. I will miss all of you… but neither is this good-bye, my friends. We’ll always have these Toronto days, and we can have Toronto reunions to look forward to in future! God be with all of you!


  1. Thank you Ann… This is a lovely post, as are many of those that I have missed these few weeks! Your warmth and exuberance has touched every one of us here in Toronto, and as much as I know this is not the end, you will be sorely missed by those who are staying in this winterlicious city. I hope you have a fantastic time in the following weeks celebrating your accomplishments over here, surrounded by family and friends. And in case I don’t see you again before you leave, I wish you all the best as you return to sunny Singapore, and I know you will have a wonderful marriage back there. =)

  2. :) Other than my brother (duh he’s family), nobody has made Toronto feel so much like a home for me than you. Thanks.

  3. ANN!!!………….



    ANNNNN! Hope you are having fun in Cornell! I’m missing you already! :(

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