Interior Freedom

From Sacred Space this week:

The adult Christ is hardly intelligible to children before adolescence. But for teenagers he incarnates the highest values of all: freedom and love. As he appears in the Gospel he is the freest of people: unpredictable, and alarming the respectable; a shocking, revolutionary figure whom society eventually found too dangerous and had to put away; a tender and compassionate figure, reacting warmly and spontaneously to all he met; a strong and frightening figure, contemptuous of petty regulations but open to everything living, ready to change the world. Above all, he was a man of supreme interior freedom, not driven by unconscious needs, pressures or anxieties, but doing what he wanted to do, his father’s business. He was the only person who realised fully all that a parent can mean to a child: not merely Law, but the model and the promise of an independent free existence.

Would that I could enjoy the same interior freedom… free from unconscious needs, pressures or anxieties… not because such things no longer exist in my life, but because I have abandoned myself so fully into God’s service and love that such anxieties lose their hold over me.

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