Reality Check

Sometimes I think that God has a funny sense of humour. Just when crunch time hits, my dear mom falls and sprains her right wrist (last Thursday actually). We joked that we have Pikachu at home now, cos there’s a ‘pai kar’ (John) and now a ‘pai chiu’ (Mom). But jokes aside, my mom’s injury really challenged us.

Cos with her injury she can’t drive (though she keeps insisting she can try, against doctor’s orders)… and John, with his injured right leg can’t drive either. My father’s always occupied with work, which leaves just me to do the driving for everything else… sending and fetching John from Changi General Hospital for his second surgery last friday, sending mom to doctor, to pick up groceries, medicine, to shop for things… and in the coming few days because my mom’s going to Jakarta again, to send and fetch her from the airport, to send and fetch John from work and for his medical appointment on Wed, and his hydro-therapy session on Thurs.

Our doctor said my mom was fortunate she didn’t fracture her wrist as many women her age do when they fall the way she did. I’m convinced that God let this accident happen for good reason. 1. It’s a message to tell my mom to REST more and to take better care of herself… my wonderful mother has been putting so many of her own affairs and work aside to care for John and help with my wedding (coordinating invitations and travel plans for 60 overseas relatives is a huge project!). 2. God wanted me to experience what my mother’s life is like. Driving people around, serving them, putting their needs before my own constantly, rushing to do my work in the time that’s left for me at the end of the day… it’s no picnic. I can’t believe my mother’s been doing this my whole life (and longer). She’s amazing.

There are still a lot of things left to plan and do for the wedding, and Zibin and I haven’t had a chance to furnish our new place or get anything else other than the bed, sofa, dining set, stove, fridge, washer and dryer. We joke that when we move in after the wedding we can only sleep and shower… we’ll have to eat all our meals outside (our AMC pots are still in shipment from Canada) and then we can come home, sit on the sofa and stare at the living room wall (cos we have no TV). It is quite funny actually… when we thought of that, we had a really good, long and de-stressing laugh :P

Believe it or not though, I’m still quite calm. Tired, rather stressed, a little panicky when new incidents crop up or when I think of all the things yet undone… but somehow I know we’ll all be alright.

So what if our new place isn’t ready before the wedding? So what if things don’t unfold perfectly on August 4th? Here and now I think it is more important that we are there for the people we love when they need us. That is why even though there doesn’t seem to be enough time for us to do all that we have to do, Zibin and I are determined to make time for our loved ones.

Maybe God is ‘upping the ante’ so that He can give us a finale we can’t yet imagine. Heh heh…

To all our wonderful wedding coordinators, here’s something Zibin and I both wish to say: We know you will do your best to help us ensure that everything runs smoothly on August 4th. We know we have a very, very challenging schedule to keep. We feel that we’re lucky to have such experienced and capable friends helping us. Your assurances and support are deeply appreciated, and we just want to let you know that however August 4th goes, we’ll always remember that we had you guys at our side during ‘battle’. That means more to us than having an absolutely perfect wedding. :)


Lord, help us to smile with each new cross that comes our way. Each new challenge is but a chance to be tugged a little closer to You. Help us to remember that there is nothing too small nor too big for You to handle, and that You only give us what is truly good for us.

I trust you, Lord. Help me to keep trusting in You, and to have the love and patience to serve my neighbours during this challenging time. Amen.


  1. Oh dear! You didn’t tel me that your mother hurt herself! Please tell her I send my regards ok…

    Yes, dear, everything will turn out fine.. and remember what I told you before ok, the wedding is just one day, but marriage (and many things else) is for a lifetime :) It’s a day to celebrate your love for each other, but don’t forget about the people around you who love you, and also, don’t forget to celebrate your love for each other in the many days to come! :) I can’t wait for your wedding, and I know it’ll be perfect :)

    *lots of hugs*

  2. Thank you for your vote of confidence! =)

    As for the perfect wedding, well, looking back, somehow its the things that didn’t go as planned that we remember… davin getting his bro and the gf to sort out ang pows at the back of the church cuz ah guan mobilised more altar boys than we expected, making a round of NUS Engine Faculty (of all places) in the bridal car cuz my dad was too kan cheong and insisted we leave for the church before the alloted time…and oh yes who can forget the stranger who insisted on retrieving his ang pow from the ang pow box! Many beautiful memories which i’m sure you’ll have too.

  3. Thank you, Meow!

    Ha ha yah, I’m sure we’ll have a great day and lots of beautiful and hopefully also funny memories. :P Really glad that we’ve got you and Davin at the helm for the mass… and v grateful for all the other tips and suggestions you’ve supplied us with. *hug*

    U better make sure u catch up on sleep before next weekend, or else we’ll have a panda in kebaya at Sentosa! *lol*

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