Two men looked out from prison bars
One sees mud, the other sees stars. – Frederick Langbridge

We live in the same world. Do you see doom everywhere, destruction, evil, mayhem? Or do you see love, hope, forgiveness, triumph and joy? Is it what is ‘out there’ or what is in you that makes you see what you see?

Is it sheer idealism and naiveté to see the rose among the thorns in people? To point to the tendrils of light that heralds dawn even when the rest of the sky is black? Is it foolish to be cheered by every small step that someone takes in the right direction rather than to judge it as too little, too late?

If you ask me, there will always be darkness in this world, even in our everyday lives. There will always be much to criticize and judge as lacking. But what measure do we use in our judgment? For the measure that we use is the measure with which we will be judged.

The world’s wisdom is foolishness to God, and conversely, Christ, too was judged to be a fool by the world. So often I’ve heard people comment that I’m simple, too trusting, and naive about the ways of the world, or about the many ‘bad people’ out there in the world. But then there are others too who tell me never to lose that simplicity and trust. People who see me with different eyes…

Trusting the wrong people can be terrible and the cost could be very high. Yet, I think, to lose the ability to trust others is an even higher cost.

Too nice? Too simple? Too trusting? I actually think that I’m not simple enough, empty enough or trusting enough. For that reason, there will be many more painful lessons in my life. For only when I’m simple enough will I have nothing to lose and nothing to fear in my life. Only then will I be able to walk wherever He asks me to walk.



Help me to always have a clear perspective of Your values.
Help me to become more like You – a servant to all, emptied of everything but pure love.
I am so far from being who I wish I could be,
but I believe that You will give me the grace to become more and more like You.
Help me not to fear anyone or anything that cannot rob me of my soul, and to fear losing my ability to love You more than anything in the world.


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