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I turned 40 today with joy. I am happy to grow older. I have always been happy to grow older. Oh there’s []

The God of Stumbles and Falls

You know the popular question that people have, “If God is a loving God, why does He allow suffering?” Well, I thought I had gone past asking that question until recently when I discovered that I am still struggling with it in a different form. The question I ask is, “If God loves His children so much, why does He let them screw up their lives?” At 35 years old, I have lived enough years to see people of my generation bear the painful []

Ann Cassandra

For years I had regretted the choice of my Confirmation name.  At 14, I had felt that my baptism name ‘Ann’ was too plain. I wanted my Confirmation name to make my name more… romantic. And that’s why I chose Cassandra. I thought ‘Ann Cassandra’ had a nice ring to it. As I grew older, I became embarrassed about the frivolous, romantic name. And so it was that my Confirmation name had been a closely guarded secret for years. But recently, I []

Ms. Goody-2-Shoes

‘Goody-2-shoes’ is a phrase I have heard often in my life. Whether uttered in derision or affection, this name has always made me cringe inwardly. To my ears, this term is often synonymous with stick-in-the-mud, inflexible, uncool, and just plain boring. It’s true that I hardly drink, I have never smoked, I have never gone clubbing, I married my first boyfriend, and I am painfully honest and responsible (most of the time). On the other hand, in spite of my ‘goody’ self, []

God's love song

I woke up today feeling a little under the weather. My husband informs me with a smile that he has a meeting at MINDEF in the morning and can drop me off at the doorstep of my office. As I started work, I began to have a throbbing, splitting headache that grew steadily worse. My colleague offered to take over my task for the day so that I could go home and rest. As I walked out of church, wondering what to []

The illusion of control

So much of human social evolution has emphasized mastery and control – over both self and external factors – we have quite lost an accurate grasp of the limits of our control. Must it take natural disasters, financial meltdowns and terrorist attacks for us to gain an inkling at how little control we actually possess over our lives? Perhaps even in the face of such powerful reminders, there are those of us who take pride in our ability to remain immune and []