As my birthday drew to a close this year, it hit me that this year marks 25 years since the first time I asked God for my mission – the mission He created me for. 25 years since Christ responded with, “Are you willing to suffer for me?” 25 years since He tenderly yet very […]

Be still.

Sometimes the more restless the heart is to reach out to others, the more it needs to remain in solitude in order to become still. Without stillness, our reaching out is compelled by neediness and a grasping insecurity instead of fullness and freedom of being. So dare to remain in solitude, my poor restless heart, […]


I turned 40 today with joy. I am happy to grow older. I have always been happy to grow older. Oh there’s stuff I don’t like about getting older – like the aches and pains that seem to plague me more easily when I don’t exercise or get enough rest; or the fact that my […]