Simply Disappointing

Today was my much awaited ‘Bread Date’ with Jing Jing. Simply Bread was a bread haven that Mary-Ann told me about during our JC days. Back in those days it was just a small little bakery bursting with delightful bread creations. We used to go there on our way home from Hwa Chong and load up on their Sticky Buns (with little walnut bits rolled in) and buttery Brioche. It was still a one-woman show back then as the place was run by the talented baker herself.

Fast-Forward 10 years…

Today’s Simply Bread at Sixth Avenue is a bigger, ‘bistro’-like place. White and rather spartan. Jing and I had between us a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich and a cinnamon toast. I was disappointed in ALL of them… the bread wasn’t particularly great… the food was too bland (and I’m usually someone who doesn’t mind less salt, less sugar stuff), and most importantly, everything’s over-priced! Yeesh… the grilled ham and cheese was supposed to be a safe bet, BUT… Arbor Room does it better… Druxy’s does it better… heck I do it better! And the bread? I really tried to be generous but I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for it. (Maybe it’s cos the master baker doesn’t bake the bread at the Sixth Ave outlet anymore?)


Bread… how I hanker after Silverstein’s multigrain loaves, or their dark rye… or their egg loaf that is divine simply toasted… or any of their herb-infused creations. I could haul a big plastic bag of their bread home for just CAD$2! Bread in Canada really is different… Even Swiss Chalet’s plain white dinner rolls are mouth-wateringly good.

Ah well. At least the company was great. *wink*


  1. ARGH forgot to warn you. Davin and i were there earlier this week and we were aghast at the poor quality of the food and service. i specifically requested NO MUSTARD but guess what, i spent 5 min getting every single trace of mustard off my ham and cheese sandwich. Grrrr…. By the way, the other sandwich place to avoid is O’Brien’s at Jelita. The portions seem to have shrunk by quite a bit! at least the service was good; they changed my cheese from brie to cheddar upon request.

  2. ha ha too late on both counts, Meow! i’ve already been to the O’Briens at Jelita… twice since I got back. Cos of convenience lah, both times was when I went to Cold Storage to get something. The quality there and portions all not as good as the branch in Citilink Mall, which was where I tried my first O’Briens. But service is good. And the sandwiches are still much better than what I tried at Simply Bread!

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