Off to Jakarta

Am going off to Jakarta for the weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. It should be fun cos it’s the whole family going together this time. John hasn’t been there in years. It will be Cathy’s first visit to my relatives’ homes in Indonesia, and it will be both Zibin and Cathy’s first time visiting Uncle Ming’s villa in Puncak!

As an aside, it is also my first time checking out Changi Airport T2’s transit mall because this time around nobody’s sending me off. It’s not too bad! Free internet access in lots of spots, free xbox games for youngsters, free massage chairs, free movies in the in-house cinema, giant screen sports games at the sports lounge… :)

Will be back on Sunday night. Till then, have a good weekend everyone!

Congratulations to Yinwei & Jiafu who welcomed their newest family addition this afternoon! The baby’s due date was supposed to be September 19 and I thot this time around I’ll be able to visit the newborn and his mama in the hospital… but it’s not to be! :P

Rest well, Yinwei & yet-to-be-named little baby… I can’t wait to see you both! :D

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