Friendship Relic


Many, many years ago, my little friend Yinwei and I bought ourselves a pair of Mickey & Minnie journals to write each other in. We would pen down our thoughts, make silly (sometimes very nice) drawings, wrote stories, gossiped, poured out our hearts… all within the confines of its cartoony covers. We’d exchange journals and reply each other’s musings… and so it went back and forth, back and forth.

I brought this journal with me when I went to visit Yinwei and her new baby, Qi Yang (绮洋), yesterday. Her son Zonghan admired the drawings his mother had made as a teenager. Our husbands gave each other knowing glances as Yinwei and I laughed over our old ‘love letters’ filled with girlish enthusiasm, teenage angst and swoony gushings over former crushes.

Ivy yelped as she read an entry I had made about her and her then school-girl crush. “OMG… OMG… OMG…!!” Yes, Vee… look how well-preserved all our old secrets are! LOL.

It was fun. :)


  1. I didn’t remember how ‘crazy’ I was over Biology last time, until I saw the animal cell drawing! I remember we used to have 10-mark questions to draw an animal (or plant) cell, and how much I practised drawing them! So long ago :)

  2. Yah you were crazy over Biology then… I couldn’t believe it when you drew that animal cell in the journal. Ha ha but I think Zonghan liked the drawing very much!

    Those were the days eh? When you were a triple science ‘geek’ and I was a humanz slacker (at least in terms of lesson hours eh?) *LOL*

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