A Neighbourly Gift


For a while now I’ve been smiling at my neighbours without talking to them. You see, my kitchen window looks into their kitchen window, and we can often see each other cooking and cleaning, but we don’t talk because that would require shouting.

Every now and then when I’m at the sink, I’d look up and there she’d be. We’d nod at each other and smile, then resume our respective activities. From observation, she seems to be an excellent housekeeper and cook. She cooks every day and she’s always wearing an apron and a shower cap or some kind of towel around her head to keep her hair clean (and from falling into the food, like we learned in Home Econs class? :P).

After dinner, her daughter who looks to be about 9 or 10 years old, and son who looks to be about 7 years old, would wash their own dishes. Their mother then finishes washing the rest of the dishes, and her husband will finish off by cleaning the sink and mopping the kitchen floor.

Just now, after another one of our kitchen window tête à tête, and just as I was wondering when I’d ever run into her so I could say hi, my doorbell rung. My pretty neighbour Serene had come to give me a box of her home-made moon cakes and to say hi. It’s such a sweet gesture! I had to post about it. :P

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