A close friend posted this on her blog:

What does a 17 yo and a 27 yo have in common?

Both long for friends. Friends that u can share your deepest hurts, fears with and not be afraid of stumbling them, hurting them or be rejected. Friends that you can freely share your heart with.. friends to talk nonsense with. Friends with whom you can just be you, a you that you love to be.

It’s how I’ve always felt, since from when I was maybe 10 years old. And I’ve been lucky cos God has blessed me with amazing friends.

Yet, the hunger in me is too great, the need to be loved too deep, the fear of rejection too raw. In all my life there has only been one Friend who can meet the intensity of my desire to be accepted.

I remember back in Sec.3 one day when I told Him that I’d decided that my search for a best friend was over, because only He could meet my demanding criteria. :P

Only HE can plumb the depths of my soul and still love me. Only with Him can I be… not only the me I love to be, but also the me I fear to be. Me in my entirety!


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