I never log into Facebook unless I have a friend request to confirm. Usually, I find it a bit of a hassle, and a bit unnecessary since I hardly spend time on facebook anyway. But when some long-lost acquaintance/friend/ex-schoolmate/cousin etc sends me a message, it just seems rude not to respond. :P Still, sometimes I just don’t bother replying…

But Facebook can be interesting in a voyeuristic way. Looking at what some people put in their profiles, you can gather a lot about what’s going on in their lives. Like just now. I was looking through some of the messages that my cousins have been sending each other and I noticed that they have new profile photos.

They’re hugging members of the opposite sex. Amused and curious I check out their profiles and sure enough these former baby cousins of mine (8 years and 10 years my junior) all list themselves as being in relationships. It’s surreal. Not that I’m surprised, they’re all at least in their late teens already anyway. But these are the same cousins who I used to babysit… I had helped bathe some of them before and changed their nappies!

How can they be dating already? OMG, in a few years’ time I may be attending their weddings. My baby cousins!!!!! Where did the years go?!?

This is just the teeniest prelude to what parents must feel when their kids grow up. I have newfound respect for how well my mom adjusted to me entering a relationship and getting married. :P


  1. Ha ha… yeah, well, it’s kind of a white elephant for me. Signed up cos curiousity got the better of me. My profile there is bare bones though!

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