A smiling En reflected in the keepsake box Weizhen bought her

It was a double-bridal shower today for Enling & Xiuhui who are getting married on October 15 and October 20 respectively. It was a small, intimate gathering of girls: lazy chit-chat over chocolate fondue and Tim Tam Slams. :)

As Jingshen had whipped out her impressive Canon D-SLR at the start of the gathering, I let my little point-and-shoot camera rest in my bag. But when Weizhen presented Enling with a beautiful red jewellery/keepsake travel-case, I couldn’t resist taking some close-up shots. :)

I would have preferred capturing Enling unawares in the mirror, but alas my camera’s shutter speed wasn’t good enough to capture a moving object in macro mode. After many unusable shots, I gave up and asked Enling to keep still. :)


  1. you could try out multi-burst :)
    i’m not sure whether Canon has that function, but basically what it does is that it takes a series of 3-6 pics in one go (my previous sony was 3, this current one goes to 5). I should think most cameras have that function.

    So you can take ur moving object in macro mode and looking natural at the same time :P

    Really like that photo btw (^.^)

  2. Yep my camera has that function but I’ve never tried it in macro mode. Hmm… will try it out next time. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Thanks for the compliment! ^^

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