Curb that enthusiasm

That title is supposed to be ironic cos these days I have barely any enthusiasm. I think the great contributors to this unlikely situation is 1. the still unsettled state of my thesis topic selection and 2. an unnamed upcoming event that just gives me the blahs each time I think of it.

There’s something I can do about 1. Nothing I can do about 2. except try and muster up some cheer and optimism and hope. Thing is, I’ve never been very good at willing myself to feel something so different from what I actually feel. And I confess, I am not very willing to try being happy about something that I can’t find any reason to be happy about (as yet).

But… I feel obliged to try.


  1. Lol~ yes lar can’t force it. And don’t worry about making others unhappy for being unhappy. It’ll just make you more unhappy, and if it’s making other ppl more unhappy it’s bad… If it will not make anyone unhappy then you worry too much.
    So Blahs to all the things to be blah-ed of, until they are not blah anymore =D

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