In baby world, nothing says “I’m happy to see you!” like farting and pooping in your lap! At least, I’d like to think that since that’s exactly what Qiyang did to me today. It was such a loud and smelly affair happening less than 30cm from my face that I couldn’t help bursting into laughter, an action that earned me a quizzical look from Yinwei’s latest bundle of joy who is all of 1 month and 2 days old. :P

P.S. Sherry, I used multi-shot in macro mode to take this pic. Worked pretty well though some were still blur, prob cos of the macro mode.


  1. ooh the baby looks really ‘pissed’ with sth hahahahaa..so cute!!!!! wanna pinch her cheeks :P

    umm actually i dont think its the macro mode’s problem. I think for your camera u can set the shutter speed. If you change that, then the shots would be taken much faster, and maybe the blur would get better :P but of course the bad side of shortening your shutter speed is that not enough light might get through, and it could decrease the exposure level.

    hahahaha…im turning geekish :P

  2. ha ha the baby is a BOY, dear, although I know his name sounds misleading!

    Alas, my camera can’t set the shutter speed manually except by tuning ISO levels or adjusting exposure settings, and the lighting was already not ideal where I was so that wasn’t an option. And I’m pretty sure it’s got to do with the macro mode cos when I didn’t use the macro (but those shots were not as close-up), they were all more focused. Besides, it always takes my camera some time to find the focus I want before each macro shot… the limitation of an auto camera without real manual settings. :P It’s times like these I feel tempted to get another camera. (But I can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t!)

  3. I thought ususally taking pics on the Macro mode requires steady hands or else it might be blurry. Maybe you focused on the wrong object, or maybe you know how it auto focuses, if you move a little it tries to adjust the focus… so if it’s doing that and you take a shot, it becomes blurry… ???

    Manual cameras are expensive! and not very convenient either… hee…. ren3! :)

  4. Yep, WT u’re right… need steady hands (but assuming the object is also stationary), and u need to adjust the focus to make sure it’s focusing on the correct object (foreground vs background)… that’s why it doesn’t work when the object is moving lor… that’s why macro mode is more for still life rather than a moving target. But then when want to take such close-up shots, only macro mode also gives the best focus (when it actually focuses on the right thing). So it’s hit and miss! :P

    Yes yes I will ren3 some more… eh, ren3 very long liao you know! :P but yah, SLR cameras very inconvenient! ha ha!

  5. Just an FYI

    I just came back from a photography show. There was a seminar, and the presenter said that when you do macro, we usually lean in closer. A decrease in distance to object decreases the depth of field (distance around the object that is in focus) To bring more things into focus, you can increase the aperture. But by doing so, to balance the exposure, the shutter speed has to decrease too. That causes the more chance of blurring images.

    It really depends on the lighting conditions and the depth of field you want to achieve. Manual cameras might not help either…. So the only thing that you can do is to use a tripod or set the timer to ensure that the camera is stable… The guy also said that if you are taking pics of moving objects like bugs, the way they do it is to set the settings, test the shots, etc and put the camera on a tripod. Then wait and wait for the bee to come to the flower and take it quickly when it arrives. My gosh.

  6. Wah, thanks for the FYI Ting!

    Your comment reminds me again of how I felt those times when I went to read up on photography techniques on the internet and how I wished I had paid more attention and studied harder for Physics :P ha ha… It’s beautiful actually, cos it all really makes sense! But it’s precisely reading up about such techniques that make me frustrated at times by my camera’s limitations.

    My auto camera can’t adjust aperture or shutter speed so there’s minimal skill involved in macro shooting… just keep pressing and holding the button halfway until the correct object comes into focus. :P

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