He makes me laugh

We were at a crowded shopping mall in Orchard Rd. He went to the POSB atm to withdraw cash. Knowing that he would want to hand some cash to me right away, and not thinking that it’s a good place to do so, I shook my head silently and subtly (or so I thought) at him as he was walking back towards me.

He raised his eyebrows when he saw me shaking my head. As he still hadn’t kept his wallet, I shook my head at him again. He strode up to me with a broad grin and slid his wallet back into his pocket.

Me: “Did you know what I meant?” (referring to my head-shaking)

He shakes his head silently at me in an exaggerated imitation of my earlier action.

Me: *slaps him on his arm* “Seriously lah! Did you get what I meant?”

He shakes his head at me even more rapidly without saying a word.

Me: *cracking up* “OI! Answer me! Stop making fun of me!”

He gives me another round of head-shaking, so rapid this time it looked as if his head was vibrating from side to side.

By this time I was laughing so hard I couldn’t walk. “Darling!!!!” I whined.

Him: *laughing at me* “Of course I got what you meant lah. Even the robbers also got what you meant!”

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