Budding Talent


I wish I could say I took this photo, but I didn’t. *grin* This is a photo that Sherry took of HER OWN EYE. Amazing isn’t it? I was very impressed when I saw this photo. There’s a quality about it that just draws me in… something about this photo that is emotionally evocative.

Sherry’s been fiddling with photography and photo editing for only a little over a year (if I remember correctly), and I think her skills have grown tremendously. Even more impressive to me is that she, like me, is limited to taking pictures with a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera that does not allow her to adjust shutterspeed or aperture or do any manual focusing.

She’s one example of how creativity, skill, and an inner-eye for beauty trumps fancy photography equipment anytime! Indeed, I think there are too many amateur photographers out there who are bogged down by their fancy equipment without having the eye or heart for photography.

Keep it up, little Sun Basker!!!

For more of Sherry’s photographs, check out her fotologue album.


  1. I only wrote what I thought lah… I think you’ve got talent! Skill can be always be improved, but I think you’ve got an innate eye for beautiful and interesting perspectives. Really. :)

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