Zibin's Birthday "Surprise"

It was Zibin’s 29th Birthday yesterday (Nov 1) and the sweet guy had been planning for 2 weeks to surprise me by taking a day off on his birthday to spend with me. (I know. It’s HIS birthday… I don’t know why the surprise is for ME. ha ha) But, somehow, like I so often do, I spoiled the surprise…

Blame it on John & Cathy! Cos it was Cathy’s birthday on October 31 and both John and Cathy took that day off to spend together. And it made me suddenly think, hey, how come I didn’t think of the idea sooner and ask Zibin if he could take his birthday off? That guy’s been working so hard!

So, at lunch time on October 31, I smsed Zibin to ask if it was too late for him to ask for at least half a day off the next day. Strangely enough, right after I sent the message, I had a gut feeling that maybe he already planned to do so. After a long while, I got his reply – “aiya why you spoil my surprise one! i already take all day off tomorrow… that’s why need to work late tonight!” Actually, I was still surprised lah, and just as happy!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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