We've come so far

After all these years, it was really strange to hear you tell your side of the story… of the time before we became good friends. So you were feeling alone too… I didn’t know that. There always seemed to be people who wanted to confide in you and be with you. You were always so nice and there were always people who liked you very much!

My Sec 3 year was one of the hardest years I ever had to live through, and it was a time when I never felt more alone or misunderstood. I don’t actually remember how we started spending more time together. I’m just thankful we did.

You always understood me in a way that none of my other friends did. The pain, the disappointment, the feelings of betrayal and of being maligned that year… you understood all that when no one else did. Maybe it’s because you and I both suffered from the same martyr syndrome. *wry*

Back then I really never would have imagined that I’d become such a good friend of yours.

Thanks for giving me a chance back then. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks, Little Pony, for becoming Little Red Hopping Hood’s friend.

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