Accent Rouge

A serendipitous shot along Orchard Road

I haven’t felt much inspiration food-wise or photography-wise since returning to Singapore. Maybe it’s a state of mind? In any case, Wanting’s query about how Singapore looks like now gave me some motivation to bring my camera out again. This would have been a very boring shot if not for the blonde woman striding into frame in her black dress and red heels, totally complementing the bus-stop’s colour scheme. I got lucky!

A few other pics from Orchard Rd.


  1. love the shot!

    i really like the blonde’s red heels with the tags on the bus-stop. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome by making it a black and white and leaving the red portions of the photo coloured! hahaha… :)

  2. Thanks! Zibin said the same thing! ha ha… I thot of giving it a try it too but I don’t have Photoshop on my Mac, and iPhoto doesn’t allow that kind of editing. However, after looking at the photo, I think doing that may not be best for this particular shot as it would not seem balanced. And I get the feeling that it won’t be as nice as leaving it with some colour.

    I did adjust the saturation, temperature and tint though, to get a warmer and slightly faded feel to the photo. The blonde woman was really a boon – white, black and red just like the bus-stop! :P

  3. ha ha still dare say! u still remember ah! :P

    ‘boon’ is a blessing or benefit. :) it’s the opposite of ‘bane’… as in when we say something is the ‘bane of our life’ (curse or burden).

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