For a little over an hour on this Saturday afternoon, I huddled in a dark cinema packed with mostly girls less than half my age waiting to be Enchanted. The excitement was palpable and a quick gaze around revealed many eyes bright with anticipation. As the house lights went down, Zibin whispered, “Looks like you have plenty of little girls to shriek along with!”

It turned out to be an excellent movie in many ways although it failed to work its magic on me the way previous Disney classics had done. But, gathering from the dreamy-eyed expressions of most of the younger audience, I think it may be due in part to the fact that I’m 28 instead of 8. But I half suspect that it’s also because the film brings its characters into the real world where the story-book ending of ‘happily ever after’ just doesn’t feel as magical or endearing as when it all happens in 2-D Disney fantasy-land.

Having said that, I still enjoyed myself immensely. The film is sweet without being trite, and self-depreciating without being irreverent. After all, it is Disney slyly poking fun at itself and so sacred cows are never slaughtered. In many ways, Enchanted is as unmistakably Disney as The Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast was, and Disney fans would have a great time recognizing moments borrowed from classic Disney films.

The soundtrack and songs too were quite classic Disney although I personally feel it still pales greatly in comparison to Disney’s best scores. Nevertheless, the songs are catchy and I’ve been looping my favourite song of the film – True Love’s Kiss – which harkens back to Snow White’s I’m Wishing, Cinderella’s A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes and Sleeping Beauty’s I Wonder. It’s “Disney-ness” is irresistible!

I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss
And a prince, I’m hoping, comes with this
That’s what brings ever-aftering so happy
That’s the reason we need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch
So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who you love through true love’s kiss


Amy Adams was adorable and James Marsden really can sing. Check it out! :D





  1. I want to watch!!! delayed gratification…. sobz. i find it hard to believe that pp would outgrow disney or animation in the theatres! i LURVE them. I hope to be able to sit in a theatre w giggling girls even at age 78 :)

  2. It can be ur way of celebrating end of exams! Hee hee… btw are u the one who remembers me typing and distributing the lyrics to The Little Mermaid back in Pri school??? ha ha ha…

    Will u be bringing ur sister to watch??

  3. Oh I have not watched it. I have free tickets, so I must wait till a few weeks before I can watch :) But do you know it was JF who wanted to watch it? Haha… I said I want to watch a movie before I go back to work, so I let him choose, either Enchanted or Hero. At first he said Enchanted, and I thought he was just being sweet. So I said, why don’t you watch the trailer first, maybe you won’t like it. So he watched it, and said, ok let’s watch it…


  4. Cool! I think sometimes maybe we underestimate the husbands. I had assumed it would have been a sacrifice for Zibin to accompany me to the film, but he enjoyed it! Though I think part of the enjoyment was derived at my unblinking and gaping-mouth engrossment which he made sure to imitate for me after the show *wry*.

    For the rest of the weekend he’s been completely brainwashed by songs from the film and amused at having to answer ridiculous questions from me as I mused about the movie.

    “Which of the guys did u think was a better catch? Why?”
    “Why do you think he liked her?”
    “Did you think she was cute?”
    “Which part did you find funny?”

    I’m sure u’ll have fun at the movie!

  5. O yeah! definitely will want to catch it after exams.. yup will watch it w amanda also if she wants! yes it was urs truly who wrote so…….. some things are never out grown. i expect to see same disney lyrics writing on my bday card when you are 78.

  6. Yah.. I had also thought that it would be a sacrifice on JF’s part, haha… oh well…

    But I also don’t mind watching Hero.. I like 松隆子 :)

    will let you know after I watch it! :)

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