One of the enduring qualities I appreciate about people is the ability to generate positive energy. I like those who, when faced with a problem, soon think of how they can solve the problem or transform the problem into a learning opportunity instead of moping around with a defeatist attitude.

I like being around those who, no matter how bleak the situation is, can still see the beauty and good in it and direct others’ gaze towards the light instead of pulling everyone down by pointing out how dark it is.

I’m not talking about mere optimism here. I’m not talking about just making people feel good. I’m talking about the ability to transform any and all experiences into something of value. I’m talking about living with a deep and abiding faith. I’m talking about being anchored in something deeper so that the fickle winds of fortune do not shake us.


As social and political creatures, human beings are conditioned to be motivated by certain things. Money, recognition, power, glory? We measure ourselves and others by what is achieved and how we are rewarded. What effect does that have on us? And how many of us believe there’s a need and a way to find an anchor away from the grades other people give us?


How many people in the working world is motivated not by personal gain (promotion, salary, recognition) but by the service they can provide for their organization? How many people can believe in the value they add without it being pegged to a high salary or some other form of recognition?

Very, very few, I’m afraid. Such people are true gems. If anyone knows of people who are like that, please let me know. I’d love to talk to them and hear what motivates them.


I really and genuinely love talking to Zibin about all kinds of things. We may not always agree, but he inspires me and makes me think just by being who he is. I think he has such a great attitude when it comes to work. It’s a subset of his attitude to life – one of selfless service, quiet confidence, and lots of humour.

I appreciate how we can frankly discuss each other’s challenges and dilemmas and use our combined perspectives and different natural strengths to help the other.

I really like it that my husband’s a very good influence in my life in many ways. I learn a lot just by living with him. :D

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