Best Hubby

I owe it to Zibin to write a post in gratitude to him tonight.

I have an old fault: once I have something in mind to do, I have been known to suffer from tunnel vision. Suddenly everything else just gets forgotten or overlooked until I can achieve the objective in mind.

Tonight, because I had an objective preoccupying my mind, I ended up sitting one seat apart from my hubby at a wedding dinner. It was done with his approval of course, although at the time it didn’t strike me that it must look very odd. It did look odd, and I bet some people must have thought we were at odds with each other (although we were still joking and laughing).

It turned out that our sitting apart had been completely unnecessary in order for me to achieve my goal. But the whole fiasco did accomplish something… I was struck by how well Zibin and I understood each other, or rather, how well he understood me. Without me saying a word, he had somehow understood what I was trying to achieve, and he had automatically acted in cooperation.

One thing I’ve always really appreciated about Zibin was how well he cares for my family. Tonight, he demonstrated that he can also act (even in ridiculous tandem) with me to care for my friends.

Sweetie, u are THE BEST!


  1. ha ha thank you! i hope i can be as sensitive to him as well. sometimes i’m just blur… quite amazed at how in tune he can be with my covert plans at times. lol!

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