Wedding Harmony


About 3 weeks before my wedding this year, I came across an advertisement in a bridal magazine. It was an advert for a company called “Wedding Harmony” that specializes in writing, performing and recording original wedding songs tailored for bridal couples. If the couple likes to sing, they could even be coached to make their own recording of their wedding song!

I was very intrigued and impressed with the concept, and I remember feeling disappointed that I had only found out about this company so close to my own wedding. Back then, I had silently feted the creativity and enterprising spirit of the company’s creators.

Imagine my delight and surprise when I bumped into Wedding Harmony’s lady boss yesterday at Jean’s (my primary & secondary school classmate and friend) wedding. I had obviously not recognized the lady in the advert’s photograph because I’ve known her for ages myself. It was a fellow St. Nick’s girl turned out to be a beautiful, sophisticated and obviously very talented musician and businesswoman! She and her similarly musically talented husband own & run Wedding Harmony.

Isn’t it wonderful how people with talent and heart can find a way to make their dreams come true? Though I never knew Lorraine very well, I couldn’t help feeling very happy for her and I was very glad of her accomplishment.

So please, if you are planning a wedding in the near future, or if you know of friends who may be interested in having an original love song composed for their wedding, do check out Wedding Harmony.

For a sample of some of their songs, visit this LINK. (It’s Lorraine performing most or all of the vocals)


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