A café with heart


Yesterday, Ivy & I met up to have some heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind discussion about the ideas, reflections, questions and inspirations that we’ve come across in our studies. (Ivy is currently studying for her masters degree at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.) It was a stimulating afternoon as we were mutually enriched by new ideas and information that we could bring back to our own work.

Our tête à tête was aptly enjoyed in a fascinating little café called Food for Thought along North Bridge Rd (directly opposite the National Library). Why is it fascinating? Here’s a blurb from the café’s blog:


The service was fast and friendly, and while the food wasn’t exactly cheap ($7.90 for my sandwich and $4.00 for hot chocolate), I was happy to pay because my money was contributing to a worthy cause. And true to its generous and communal spirit, this café will sell your cakes and give you credit for it if your baking passes their taste test. (The chocolate banana cake I tasted was superb but sorry I forgot to take a photo of it!)

It’s always heartening and inspiring to know of young people who have a heart for the less fortunate, and who take such decisive and creative action. I really hope Food for Thought will succeed!

This place is worth a visit!

Inviting window

Grilled spring vege sandwich & shiitake mushroom soup

Warm & cosy quaint little interior

Smooth dark hot choc that’s not too sweet


  1. thanks for the compliment dear! a good camera and lovely subjects help! *grin* u shld really bring a good camera with you on your Cape Town trip! i’m looking forward to the pictures!

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