Wistful for snow

Toronto had its most major snowstorm since 1999 this past weekend. I couldn’t resist looking for some images… I still remember the snowstorm of 1999. Three memories stand out. 1. Walking across the parking lot from my residence to school in Scarborough through a blinding blizzard 2. Going into Chinatown Centre downtown with Sandy when it had just started to snow, and coming out barely 30mins later to a shockingly white Spadina Rd (at least 10cm of snow) 3. Sitting in the living room of my residence with a mug of hot chocolate watching the heavy snowfall accumulate outside our patio window. It was snowing so heavily that I could see the bare bushes outside getting buried within a very short time.

I feel for the homeless and for the people whose lives are severely inconvenienced by such a snowfall (and there are many). But still, I would love to have been there for so much snow once again!

From [daily dose of imagery] – Yonge & Dundas

From Toronto Star – Man skiing along Bloor St.

From Toronto Star – Nathan Phillips Square

From Toronto Star – Snow ploughs clearing Highway 401 near Pearson Airport

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