Talented Mama

Shermaine Wong, the author of the blog Offsprings, recently performed at the Esplanade with Re:Mix, a chamber string orchestra.

After hearing the recording she posted on her blog, I wish I had known about this concert earlier. They played the Beatles, Nat King Cole, Teresa Teng and Shanghai Jazz, examining how the music has become the ‘standards’ of today. It would have been a light and very enjoyable concert! And furthermore, I also think it would be cool to watch her perform. Who knows, I might have been able to catch a glimpse of my idol Dee!

Her kids are really fortunate to have music become such an integral part of their lives. I think they’re even luckier that though they have such a musical mother (who plays both the violin and the piano) and grandmother (who is a piano teacher), their mom adamantly refuses to make them go for music classes until they have shown aptitude (pluck out a tune all on their own on the piano) and interest (request for lessons themselves).

Anyway, here’s a track from the Re:Mix concert last Sunday. Dick Lee’s 情人的眼泪. :)


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