Ann + Food = *DUH*

Zibin and I have both been sick for most part of the past week. He caught something from a virus-laden kid next to him in the cinema last Sunday and passed it to me. *sniff*

Anyway, we’re feeling much better and sick of bland food and soups, so for breakfast today we ventured to a nearby coffeeshop for *heh heh* fried bee hoon. :P

So we dug into the bee hoon with relish and ate out of the packet happily. As we were clearing up at the end of the meal, I picked up my chopsticks in surprise.

Me:“How come the wrong end of my chopsticks has food on it?”

Zibin looks at my chopsticks and then looks at me wordlessly.

Me: *annoyed and indignant at myself* “OMG. You mean I’ve been using the wrong end of the chopsticks the ENTIRE time and I didn’t notice?”

ZB: *nonchalantly* “It’s totally expected.”

Me: *miffed, feeling insulted* “What is? That I’m sotong?”

ZB: *wry* “No. That when there’s food in front of you, you become oblivious to everything else until the food is finished.”

Me: *defensively albeit grasping at straws* “You didn’t notice that I was using the wrong end of my chopsticks either.”

ZB: *in a long-suffering, patient tone* “Yes, but I wasn’t the one oblivious to my own chopsticks.”


Sigh. I’m such a PIG.


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