At TCC Novena with Phei Yee

Phei Yee trying to figure out what I’m doing… *ha ha*; TCC through the ‘looking glass’

Relaxing peppermint, chamomile & lavendar ‘tea’; Our delish, pretty but pricey tri-layered (dark, milk and white) chocolate mousse squares

Phei Yee was in town for 2 days. We arranged to meet for dinner and dessert.

We had a great meal at Ma Maison, a place I knew Phei Yee would love for the ambience. Walking into the restaurant from noisy Bugis Junction is like entering another world altogether. Soft jazz and music from the Great American Songbook (classics like Sinatra) in a traditional English cottage dining atmosphere. The place has a lot of FEEL. Better yet, Phei Yee got to try the Japanese ‘omelette-wrapped rice’ she had been thinking of!

I was so engrossed in conversation with Phei Yee that I decided not to disrupt the mood by whipping out my camera. It’s a pity, really, cos Ma Maison can make for some really interesting photos. Check out this blog for review and pictures: SPARKLETTE

Had wanted to bring her to Food For Thought for dessert, but it was unexpectedly closed. Searching for a quiet nook, we ended up at Novena Velocity’s TCC. That’s another place with great ambience, comfy seating, and excellent service. And it was here that I finally took some photos cos the food was just too pretty! ^^

It’s not bagels at Tim Hortons in the basement at College Park (which used to be our regular post-yoga lunch haunt), but it was fun nonetheless. :P


  1. i know i said that before, but your fotos of food always make the food look so appetizing! lol maybe u can consider part time career as food critique.. lol

  2. U mean food photographer? *LOL*

    I’m sure my passion for the subject helps me… it must be my love for food showing thru the pics. HA HA HA

  3. ya i am sure i got your message from ur photograph…
    lol i always thought those critique has to do photograph themselves..hahaha

  4. hmm… i dunno if they do! well, i’d like the photo-taking and the writing, but I think maybe my tastebuds r not refined enough. :P

  5. The food/drink looks better than what I saw with my eyes leh…hahaha…
    And Ann was taking so many shots from different angle… She definitely have the enthusiasm of a food photographer.. haha

  6. pyee you’re back in KL!

    aiyah i was taking from a lot of angles to show you wat i meant abt experimenting mah. (more than my usual, but i deleted most of the photos alredi, and unexpectedly the last one i took of the cakes which didn’t look so nice on the camera turned out the nicest! see wat i mean? :P)

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