Mom's a Mac user now!


Hee hee hee… that’s right! My mom needed a new computer and asked me to accompany her to shop for one. What else would you expect? We went home with an iMac (installed with Leopard OS and iLife ’08 which rock the most!) ha ha ha…

It wasn’t a frivolous buy. With my mom’s computer usage need and pattern as well as her potential interest in toying with photo/video editing or design, she’s an ideal candidate for Mac conversion. Besides, after a year of using my MacBook, I’m solidly in the Apple Camp now (esp now that all the Mac computers can install Windows OS as well… best of both worlds… although I think Mac OS, especially Leopard, is cooler and more intuitive to use than Windows). Though the cool new iMac isn’t for me, it’s still pretty cool to have one within the family!

I set up the iMac for mom (install MS Office, d/l Firefox, import her files, bookmarks etc) and I asked her which website she wanted to make her homepage. She considered my question for a while. Her reply: “Your blog, since it is updated so regularly.” *sheepish grin* Wah… honoured man. LOL.


An unexpected NANO


A funny thing happened to us in the process of getting the iMac. Mom and I decided only yesterday to go to check out the iMac at Epicentre @ Wheelock today. We wanted to go before it got crowded so we arrived at the store 10 mins before it opened. Imagine our surprise when there was already a long line in front of us… even before the store opened! Within a minute or two, 10 more people who joined the line behind us.

We found out from the girl behind us that the first 50 customers at the store today get to purchase a 4GB iPod Nano for $155 (usual $248… it’s a 38% discount). We were 29th in line so we qualified! Though we hadn’t planned to get a Nano, we decided to just get it first anyway. After all, if none of us wanted it, we could always try to sell it at this lower price.

When it was almost our turn at the counter, we found out that we had to pay in cash. I had in the morning just withdrawn some money and mom and I had $200 in cash between us. Talk about ‘meant to be’! Ha ha…


  1. Jing, I thought of you too! But have to see first if my mom decides to keep it or if my brother wants it.

    Let’s see if it’s meant to be for you? Que sera sera… :P

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