Casa Jean

... and again...An example of how Ikea can be classyCeiling fan (in walk-in)Custom-made book shelfGene's photograph cornerGracefully arched candle holdersJean's shoesOpulent-looking pendant

*UPDATED BELOW* [See #5: Talking fast is a sign of RESPECT]

There’s a very old friend of mine whose name hasn’t been appearing on my blog because we haven’t been in touch much since I started blogging. Her name is Jean.

Jean is like a stick of dynamite. Strong, passionate, bright, bursting with creativity and energy and endless (super fast) chatter. She’s a multi-talented and extremely capable woman. She has been school debator, Head Monitor, tennis school team Captain and worn many other hats (both literally and figuratively, ha ha!). Despite her many talents (and I should add shopping to her talents as well :P), the one thing I always associated with Jean was her artistic streak.

I still remember back in Pri 5 or 6, she, me, and another schoolmate were selected to represent St. Nicks in an art competition. We were to put together a macaroni art (we stuck different types of pasta onto a board in a pattern and then spray painted the entire thing in metallic paint). If I don’t recall wrongly, it was Jean who automatically took the helm and drew the pattern out in pencil first. All I had to do was paste the macaroni according to her instructions. :P

Yesterday, I got to see Jean’s new condo and I was blown away by how stylish and tastefully decorated it was. She and her husband, Gene, had re-designed the interior impressively. Her husband designed their very artistic feature wall and they have an incredible high-end open-concept kitchen (both of which unfortunately I didn’t manage to take photos of) and a very artistic shoe cabinet cum room divider. Several of Jean’s beautiful paintings and Gene’s photography adorned the walls, lending a very warm and personal touch.

My mind was so stimulated by design and decor ideas after my visit that it took me a good 40 minutes to fall asleep last night. My fantasy: if only I could find a way to do up my place in such style for a quarter of the price, and without having to go bargain hunting or making stuff on my own (yes, I’m lazy!). I know, I’m asking for too much. *ha ha*

An appetizing and pretty sight – green apples in a WMF asymmetrical ‘barred’ bowl

A couple of Jean’s paintings


Visit the photo album and see for yourself: CASA JEAN


Funny Moments

#1: Self-Cleaning Husband
We were talking about Jean’s self-cleaning Brandt oven. I mentioned that anything that is self-cleaning is fantastic. Weizhen’s husband (ZW) pipes up:

ZW: I bet you girls would like to have self-cleaning husbands.
Me: *eyes widening* You mean you’re not (a self-cleaning husband)?
ZW: Nope!

#2: Flirt
4 couples were playing Taboo, girls against guys. Zibin was giving the clues.

ZB: When a girl goes up to you and tries to be funny…
Gene: *immediately* FLIRT!
ZB: Correct!

*moments later*

Jean: *indignantly at Zibin* Why must it be GIRL go up to GUY and ‘try to be funny’? And what do you mean ‘try to be funny’?!
ZB: *blinks innocently* Huh? Correct what. That’s what you all do right?
Jean: *whips around to turn her ‘wrath’ on her husband* And YOU! How come you said “FLIRT” immediately? A lot of girls flirt with you issit?
Gene: *mirroring ZB’s expressionless blink* Huh?

#3: Wives should give Husbands chance
When playing Taboo, each player was monitored by the husband/wife as to whether a ‘taboo’ word was being used. Weizhen was particularly strict with her hubby. Each time she ‘slapped down’ a faulty attempt at clue-giving…

ZB: Aiyah, don’t like that lah. You’re husband and wife leh, must give some chance lah…
All the girls: *in unison* NO!
ZB: *shrinks back in mock terror*

#4: Old friends have great rapport
Example of moments that had the husbands beating their chests and looking at one another with incredulity and bemoaning “like that also can, how can we win?!”

WZ: Small…animals…that eat up your…
WZ: Correct!

WZ: Ann’s friend… the funny one… was asst. head prefect
Me: Ivy… POISON IVY!!!
WZ: Correct!

In the end, the guys got whipped by the wives at TABOO, but we lost *NARROWLY* to them at CRANIUM. :P But I’ve gotta say, we’ve got sweet husbands who more than put up with their wives’ insane competitive streaks. LOL.

#5: Talking fast is a sign of RESPECT

Jean and I both have a habit of talking very fast. It’s been a frequent complaint of Zibin’s that I talk too fast when I’m excited and I start leaving out words and leaping by idea, leaving it to my poor listeners to guess and catch up. I mentioned this to Jean, and Jean says that her husband has the same complaint about her. Seeing that Gene was looking at her bemusedly, Jean takes this brilliant shot.

Jean: *to Gene* It’s because I think you’re intelligent that I speak so fast to you. If I were to speak slowly to you, I’d be treating you like an idiot!

Highly amused, I ask Jean to repeat what she said to Zibin. She does so, at an admirably moderate talking pace.

ZB: *with fake ire* Then why are you speaking so slowly to me? Are you treating me like an idiot?!

A little later, Yinwei’s boy starts rattling off at his own rather rapid pace. He says something directed to Jean which she (and I) fail to catch.

Jean: *looking around blankly* Did anyone understand that?
ZB: *smugly* Ah, ah, so now you know how it feels like not to understand what somebody says hor?

Jean tries to sputter with indignation but laughs instead. I didn’t catch Gene’s expression, but I imagine he must have been smiling approvingly at her comeuppance at the hands of a 2.5 year old. :P


  1. This is a really hilarious post…couldn’t help laughing as I read the funny moments. Thanks for recording them Ann : )

    To the hubbies: Game for another round of Cranium?

  2. hahah this is so cool! such a cool idea to have a husband wive game!! :) aiya one day i get married i play w u girls also.haha

  3. I look forward to that! I think the guys were pretty brave to agree to play against our group of rabidly competitive girls… ha ha. Jean kept saying it wasn’t enough if we win, we must win by a big margin. ha ha ha…

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