MacBook Air *be still my heart*



Apple has done it again – reduce me to a momentarily quivering pool of unadulterated techno-lust.

A year ago when I purchased my MacBook, I felt that it was only a matter of time before Apple designs a truly ultra-portable notebook computer that not only is THIN but also LIGHT. Is MacBook Air the answer? I don’t know, and I won’t be one to find out soon as I have no reason or excuse to purchase one in the near future. Yet, it certainly makes me want to stay put in the Apple Camp so that one day, when I have good reason to buy a new lap-top, I can get to make some future MacBeauty with Brains my own.

Watch the new ad that set my heart thumping:

It’s not just a pretty face either. It packs some serious new features. Check out the guided tour that got me infatuated:


If I want to be a MATERIAL GIRL…

I told Zibin long ago… “Dear, please don’t waste money buying me expensive jewellery I’ll never wear. If you really want to spend a few thousand bucks on me…”

Diamonds don’t set my heart racing. Neither do Coach or LV bags, Manolo Blahniks or other fashion apparel.

I am a geek at heart. Give me a camera for me to improve my photography skills. Or that fantastic MIELE washing machine and dryer that can wash even silk and satin without spoiling them (our clothes will last so much longer and we don’t need to buy new stuff as often!). Or a new computer that’s bigger and faster where I can photo edit and draw to my heart’s content.

There are many WANTS if you ask me what I’d like. But it’s not important if I ever get them, cos I already have what I need.

Besides, I believe it is good for my soul not to be able to get whatever I want, for often our hearts are attracted by objects that distract us from life’s true value and our own inner worth. In life, it is best to travel light. And if I haven’t learned how to be detached from material objects, then it is better that I do not possess too many of them. :)


  1. ooohhh!! i sooooo want a wide-angle lens for my camera!! hahaha..cos i found out that my point and shoot camera right, can actually have wide angle lens attached to it. But but but that extra lens is so expensive >_<”


  2. ha ha ha yes i KNOW. u can save up for it la, just may have to be at expense of buying other stuff. But i think it’d be worth it for you cos u’ve got the aptitude for photography. Money can buy equipment, it can’t buy talent… but i think if u’ve got the talent, it’s more worth it to invest the $$$! :P

    On second thought, u may want to skip the lens and save up longer to buy at least a prosumer camera so u can really learn photography with all the manual controls! Less ex than D-SLR, more portable… check out Canon’s new G9. It can even shoot in RAW so u can really take editing ur pictures to the next level!

  3. ha ha thanks ivy. :P

    i don’t know where i got it from… i’m more a technophile than the guys/engineers in the family. i take pride in that i (an arts student and girl at that!) sometimes help them figure out how to use their computers, fix internet connection problems… it’s good actually, this stuff keeps me on my toes.

    In Toronto when we get a new broadband internet connection, we bring back the modem and router and have to set up everything ourselves. In Singapore, they send a tech to do everything that’s actually really simple. We’re really quite pampered and spoiled here!

    But still, I can’t do any of the hard core stuff that require true geeks (like knowing the inner-workings of hardware). I just try to be a knowledgeable consumer!

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