Canon PowerShot G9


Zibin got me a Canon PowerShot G9 in December. Why didn’t I blog about it earlier? There are two main reasons: 1. I felt guilty. I know my enthusiastic reports to him about how wonderful the camera was in reviews must have influenced him in getting me this rather extravagant present. 2. I felt inadequate. This camera is a huge step up for me and I feel like a kindergarten kid again learning the ropes from scratch. I thought I better not blog about it until I have some nice photos that would do the G9 justice. :P

Why am I blogging now? Cos I’ve made peace with reason 1. It’s already been more than a year that I feel I have outgrown point-and-shoot cameras, longing to expand creative possibilities by learning some ‘real’ photography techniques. I knew I wouldn’t buy a D-SLR because it was too heavy an investment for my needs. Besides, I like to carry my camera around with me and a D-SLR is just too darn inconvenient! I had been waiting for Canon to come up with a prosumer model that approximates their D-SLR’s capabilities. Full manual control was a must, and RAW shooting would be desirable. Enter the PowerShot G9. It fit my bill to a T. And I feel better knowing that this camera will last me for many years of learning and practice… it should be quite a while before I outgrow this camera model.

I’m still severely underusing the G9’s capabilities though I’ve been trying to read up and practice. Believe it or not, I’m ‘studying’ physics again *rolls eyes*… my LEAST favourite science subject in school. Lenses, focal length, apertures, shutter speed, depth of field, perspective, yadda yadda… I’m not really studying it in earnest (no time!), just now and then I try to find out something new to try with the camera.

I’ve been playing around with it since Christmas (so the photos I’ve been posting lately are taken with the G9), but those pictures could more or less have also been taken by a lesser camera (i think). So the reason I’ve put aside reason 2 is because I’ve found great pictures taken with this camera by other people. *heh*

If you want to take a peek at what better photographers have done with this little non D-SLR, drop by this WEBSITE. I’ve included some of my favourites below. I really have no reason to upgrade my camera until I can take photos as good as these (which may be never!).

An eye for beauty. Creativity. Skill. That’s what I’ll keep upgrading on to take better pictures… eventually. :P

Night lights



A reflection in water


  1. omg!! i’m in love with the pictures AND your camera!!
    the colour intensity and definition, the clarity of the photos!! Especially love the night lights and macro one. that night lights cannot be replicated by photoshop at all, and the clarity and definition of the macro one is just….mind blowing! it really looks like sth that a DSLR would have produced haha….

    you should quickly start experimenting everything on that camera!! haha, din know you changed your camera :P does it have wide angle and telephoto ability too?

    yeah the thing i dont feel quite adequate about my camera right now is that the only thing adjustable would probably be the focal length only (and its also very limited). I would love to be able to change the aperture and shutter speed!! shutter speed is very very useful. eeeeeekkkkk >_< ok i still love my sony point and shoot hehe…

  2. ha ha ha ha yes the pictures are breathtaking aren’t they? Especially the night lights one!

    Yes you can purchase telephoto and wide-angle lens as well as external flashes (even remote controlled flash bulb) that are used by Canon DSLRs. (need to purchase a lens adapter for the extra lenses)

    Yes, yes, I was quite frustrated about not being able to change shutter speed and aperture with my old camera! ha ha…

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