It REALLY Is Nice To Be Sick

I vaguely remember I made a similar blog entry sometime ago, so I went through all previous posts and indeed found one. It is interesting to read back on some of these old posts… :)

Anyway, here I am sick again almost exactly one year from back then. And this time round, I am pampered right in our own little place. I had wonderful meals being cooked for me, simple and yet super-delicious. I was commenting to Ann that her soup-cooking skills are getting so good that she can cater to the taste and needs that she wants. I get to be covered up in my favorite blanket and watch my favorite sitcom – “Friends”. Of course, I had lots of sleep as well. It just makes me feel quite a luxury to be sick. I mean, not that I love to be sick, but being sick and having a lovely wife to care for every aspect of my life is so blissful.

As we were driving on the way to see our Chinese physician this morning, Ann drove. I could just sit back and relax. And the weather is wonderful – blue skies, white clouds, bright sunshine… Makes me feel like the world’s such a wonderful place. During the weekdays, and sometimes during the weekends, I’m almost always rushing through things that I couldn’t and didn’t pause to appreciate what I have around me. At times like these, I truly appreciate Ann. She makes falling sick a whole new adventure for me :)

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