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Zibin’s post on our blog withjoyfulhearts:



Zibin’s sick again. The poor guy hasn’t had much time to rest since he fell sick the last time. One day MC was all he took the last time, and he’s had to work 13 to 14 hr days, organize and run retreats, and prepare for presentations at night.

He came back from work early yesterday (he walked through our front door at 6p.m. and that’s really early for him) looking terrible with blood-shot eyes. Fortunately this time around, I’m not sick at the same time (crossing my fingers though, been feeling fatigued as well). So I’m able to take better care of Zibin than the last time when all we could both do was sleep and drink water and stumble around trying to find edible food that wouldn’t make us feel worse. *ha ha*

I enjoy pampering my husband. After all, it’s rare that he can just be present with me and let me take care of him in return for him working so hard to bring home the bacon. I just hope he gets better soon and stay healthy.

Oh, and the soup he was so happy with today? It’s my own little version of wintermelon soup catered to Zibin’s taste and nutrition need at this time. Here’s the recipe to share!

Zibin’s Favourite Wintermelon Soup
1 medium slice of wintermelon (cut into pieces)
1 chicken breast (de-skinned and de-boned though bone-in is also fine)
150 – 200g cooked ham (cut into small squares)
10-12 pieces dried scallops (small)
2 medium size red carrots
1.5 tbs wolfberries
1 tbs sliced American Ginseng

*NB: Measurements are estimated. I usually just grab by ‘feel’. :P

I always pre-boil for abt 1-3mins then wash any raw meat before putting them with the other soup ingredients. If you want to be a stickler you can put in the various ingredients at different times (e.g. meats first, vege and herbs slightly later). But I’ve found that the soup turns out just as well if I put everything in at the same time.

I add enough water just to cover everything. Bring the soup to boil on medium fire and then simmer/slow-boil over small fire for at least 90 mins. Add a pinch of salt to taste at the end. That’s it!


  1. Heh. Would be better if nobody was sick! But isn’t it ironic how we don’t slow down to enjoy each other’s company like this until we’re forced to take it easy? :o

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