Idol Talk and C-Pop


It’s been a long time since an Asian actor/celebrity has captured my attention and imagination. And normally, I don’t gravitate toward pretty boys although, admittedly, Zibin isn’t exactly Tom Selleck. :P (Then again, I wasn’t attracted to Zibin because of his looks… it was only after we got together that I realized he’s quite cute.)

My latest idol crush (in the shallowest sense possible) is 吴尊 because the character he plays in 《花样少年少女》is so cool. And of course, because he’s so gorgeous. Heh heh. *darts sly glance at hubby at the next table*

Jing Jing said that she and Sherry were shocked because I don’t seem to be the type to like Taiwanese idol dramas. Well, I’m still not. But there is always room for an exception, right? :P 《花样少年少女》has a very interesting premise and it’s such a sunny, happy, and innocent story that it’s easy to fall under its spell and return to one’s younger days and remember old romantic fantasies.

Of course Zibin isn’t too impressed by 吴尊 because he thinks he doesn’t look er… manly enough. *ha ha* (Btw, Zibin also doesn’t think Takeshi Kaneshiro is particularly handsome hor… I can imagine girls squealing in protest. ha ha. He does think Andy Lau is handsome though.) That’s ok, I’m actually relieved he doesn’t think pretty boys are handsome. :P

Anyway, I’ve gallantly offered Zibin’s favourite Gigi Leung a space beside 吴尊. *angelic beam* Who do you think is prettier? :P


I don’t take very much notice to things that don’t make sense or don’t have relevant meaning to me. That’s why I’m not so much crazy about Wu Zun the actor/singer as I am with his portrayal of a fictional character. (Same goes with Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice….eeee!)

For the same reason, I don’t usually take much notice of pop songs unless I can understand the lyrics (the exception being if the melody is really spectacular). The usual sound of pop songs, no matter how pleasant, is usually just background noise to me. And because I almost always can’t make out the lyrics to Chinese pop songs unless I check them up or have Zibin repeat them to me, I have never been a fan of the genre.

My recent interest in《花样少年少女》led me to notice the ending song by TANK, 转属天使. The melody was in my head already, and the beginning lyrics caught me immediately as it is very apt for the story in the drama and I fell in love with it. One thing led to another and I started looking for the songs from Wu Zun’s other dramas《东方茱丽叶》&《公主小妹》. It so happens I like some of those songs very well too. Sharing them here although I won’t be surprised if everyone already knows all of them! Also including a couple more songs which aren’t really my usual type but which I find very catchy. Lyrics quite cute too!

Oh, and because of this recent surge of interest in Taiwan idol drama and C-Pop (which may be very temporary), I finally managed to learn some new (to me lah) names. S.H.E., 飞轮海, TANK and 张韶涵. I also test listened to some of 陶喆 and Jay Chou’s songs to see what the fuss is about. We’ll see…

《花样少年少女》Tank – 转属天使

《公主小妹》张韶涵 – 不想懂得

《东方茱丽叶》Tank – 非你莫属

《东方茱丽叶》张智成 – 痊愈

《东方茱丽叶》飞轮海 & Hebe – 只对你有感觉

《花样少年少女》S.H.E. – 怎么办

From S.H.E. 2007 album PLAY with 飞轮海 – 谢谢你的温柔


  1. ha ha i actually thought the same thing! maybe it’s cos of the photos i selected. well, i wanted to find a photo of WZ that would compliment the photo of Gigi my hubby sent me. Cannot overshadow her lah… I’m very diplomatic one ok! Although my fav photo of WZ is actually another one… heh heh heh…

  2. Please lah, Gigi’s face is bigger than Wu Zun’s already ok!

    Although Mr Abdullah’s theory is really for the fruits. ha ha

  3. oh my!!!! hahaha, where did u get all the songs??? :D
    hahaha, a lot of my frens like wuzun too! :D
    hahah, personally, i prefer the manga of huayang better than the drama la, and i heard they have a jap version out now?? hahaha, or was that just for hanayoridango?
    ok,no link :D

  4. i sent u email to tell u where to find songs and watch drama (if u ever have the time to!).
    ha ha so a lot of ur friends like wuzun but u don’t? u still prefer that korean actor issit? (sorri can’t remember his name orh!) :P

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