Light up my feet

Floor of the walkway link between T2 & T3 at Changi Airport

Do you sometimes discover light where you don’t expect to find it?
Sometimes mud isn’t the only thing under your feet.
Perhaps now and then not being in sharp focus can yield a thing of beauty.

Lent began last Wednesday amidst CNY celebrations.

The last 2 Lents have been periods of tremendous struggle and growth for me (I marvel at God’s timing sometimes… how come really so zun one?!). What will this year’s Lent be like?

There will be at least one joyous and beautiful thing happening this Lent. This time last year, I invited a fellow tired and heart-broken traveller to attend one mass with me. A year has passed, and this fellow traveller is now preparing for baptism this Easter. Can’t begin to describe how I feel… how much I want to laugh and cry with joy at the same time that she is accepting this greatest Love.

I watched her tentative first steps… saw the fear and hesitation mingled with hope… observed her take one small step of faith each time as her steps grew more confident and joyous. What a year this has been for you, dear FET. And it is only just beginning! I pray that this season of Lent will be especially beautiful for you as you prepare yourself body and soul for your Big Day! *hug*


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