Turning 29 on February 9

“Into the distance” – Walkway between T2 & T3 at Changi Airport

Wow. I’m 29 liao leh. This time next year, I’m going to be 30!

二十九岁了。 却没有什么特别的感想⋯⋯不就是二十九岁嘛。老不算老, 少也不算少。今年过生日时已是他人的妻子; 明年过三十岁生日时会不会已经做妈妈了呢? 哈哈 :P 刚过的这几天老公一碰到亲戚朋友年幼的小孩老是迫不及待得扑上去跟他们玩, 又是作弄又是拥抱, 乐得嘻嘻哈哈的。看起来,我这可爱的老公可真的是很期望当爸爸哦!

Birthday Highlights:

-Started my first day as a 29 year old early with a mix of Yoga & Pilates while hubby was still snoozing.
-Mom, Dad & John drove over to Bt. Batok to have breakfast with me & ZB. Prata-ta-ta!
-Mom-in-law came over to give me birthday ang pow (she insisted must give on birthday itself :P)
-Hubby & I went for invigorating swim (believe me, water was v cold…very invigorating!). Good workout – swam 1km in abt 30mins while dodging kids with water guns.
-Yinwei called and Zonghan sang Happy Birthday to me TWICE! It was so sweet and adorable I practically melted into a 29 yr old puddle of happy goo.
-Off to Changi Airport for lunch at Crystal Jade and to walk around T3 (ZB’s first visit)
-Dinner at Westmall BK with hubby
-Watching 如果爱 (Perhaps Love) VCD rental at home (cracking silly jokes with ZB about the plot, the music and funny dancing along the way and ooh-aahing at Jacky Cheung’s ‘powderful’ vocals which we felt were the only really strong thing about the film)
– Receiving birthday wishes through the day via email and sms from friends near and far. Thank you all for your love! :D

A day just like any other day… simple, sweet, and enjoyable. I like! :)


Really lah, nobody in the C-Pop world can sing like Jacky Cheung. When Jacky started singing in the film, it was like WAAAAAH… *clap clap clap* Though we felt the musical score was only so-so, whenever Jacky started singing, it electrified the film.

Here are Jacky’s songs from the film:



命运曲 (with Ji Jin Hee)


A few other songs I felt were easy on the ears:

池珍熙/金城武 – 美丽故事

周迅/金城武 – 十字街头

周讯 – 外面


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