Mom's Birthday Imperial Hi-Tea

Mom, John & Me @ Tian Fu Teahouse

On Mom’s birthday yesterday, John & I both wished to bring her out for high-tea. John wanted to bring us to the Equinox high-tea buffet which was a sumptuous international spread with a gorgeous view of the city. I had a much humbler proposal – the Imperial Hi-Tea at the Tian Fu Teahouse on Beach Rd. I’ve been wanting to bring my mom there ever since I read about it in 8-Days several weeks ago. My mom’s a major fan of Chinese Tea, and she doesn’t like to over-indulge in meals. I was convinced she would love the simple, bite-sized Imperial Hi-Tea.

John gave way to me, but unfortunately, I forgot to tell him that the Imperial Hi-Tea wasn’t a buffet spread. Furthermore, I told him and my mom not to eat too heavily for lunch, leading John to literally just snack for lunch in anticipation of a hearty high-tea. His expression of dismay when the first tiny dish of dim sum was served was both pitiful and hilarious! :P But all in all, the three of us had fun and enjoyed the 5 Chinese Teas and 9 bite-sized snack dishes served us. And because our high-tea was modest, we managed to have a hearty dinner when our respective spouses were able to join us. :)

I’m presenting the dishes we had at the high-tea in this post. For more photos of us (the people) visit this photo album!

1st pairing: 竹叶青 and 龙井 green teas with har gow and siew mai

2nd pairing: 贡菊 wolfberries tea with spicy Sichuan dumpling and pan-fried turnip cake

Note: 贡菊 is different from 杭菊. The former is taken for its benefit for eye-sight while the latter is taken for its cooling properties. The latter is the one commonly served in restaurants and is more fragrant.

3rd pairing: 普耳 tea with char-siew floss pastry and pan-fried pork dumpling with chives

4th pairing: 大红袍 tea with crispy Sichuan rice-cake and deep fried red-bean tang yuan with sesame seeds

Delicate tasting tau huey with wolfberries

Tian Fu Teahouse
Level 1 Parkroyal on Beach Rd
7500 Beach Rd
Tel: 6505 5722/ 6505 5724
Imperial Hi-Tea daily (Price: $15) from 2:30 – 6:00 p.m.


  1. aiyoh, don’t talk abt John-John, even I (in my 33wk preggie cannot-eat-too-much-otherwise-kena-heartburn state) don’t find the spread sufficient!

  2. ha ha somehow i knew you’d think that. just didn’t know u were actually going to leave a comment!

    The spread isn’t much but it’s meant to be really ‘tea-time’ kind of thing rather than the ‘forsake a meal and pig out’ kind of buffet high-tea. It’s really a great option if you want to go for afternoon tea without getting bloated! Besides, the various imported teas and the snacks were all of pretty high standard, definitely value for money with the $15 tag!

    I wouldn’t bring John there for his birthday, but it was perfect for my mom. And she was the birthday girl mah! ^^

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