On Youtube with Althan

Me & Zibin with Althan

Ha ha it’s so funny… I’m actually appearing in a YouTube video! Though I’m not the star… cos Zibin’s college housemate Sin Teck’s 3 yr old son is the star in the video. Sin Teck & Oranna has a blog starring Althan and they uploaded a video of us playing with Althan.

The 159 guys had a reunion last Friday and though little Althan was the only kid, he was surprisingly friendly and sociable (a new phase apparently). He shared his food, even offered to sing us a song (the Veggie Tales song! so cute!). And when my smitten hubby asked Althan to come to him, he gamely let Zibin hold him and even laughed along with our jokes. The crowd’s favourite moment was when Althan laughed at Zibin and told this silly uncle (on 2 occasions!), “Ha ha… you’re so funny!”

It’s hard to make out everything that’s being said, but see if you can hear Althan telling Zibin that he’s funny. :P Check it out:

Rough Transcription:

ZB: Uncle (pointing at Yeow-Keong) he studies chemical engineering but he pretend to know air-con… pretend only.
Oranna: Eh, mommy also chem.-E leh
ZB: Oh, mommy also chem. – E but different school, so better.
Althan: Ha ha.. you are so funny.
ZB: You know what, I used to stay with your daddy. We stay in the same house one but then I cook better than your daddy.
Sin Teck: Oh what a lie, what a lie!
ZB: (pointing to Jianxiong) Ah this uncle ah, this uncle… he always come to our house to eat…
Yeow-Keong: Not same house one…
ZB: … (still talking about Jianxiong) he never pay one. So today we make him pay lah…
Althan: Ok.
All: *laughs
Oranna & Sin Teck: So funny…
Oranna: Very game… I think you’re so game…
Sin Teck: Who has a hood?


  1. hahahah so cute! wah ann.. u better monitor wat zibin tells ur kids next time also man…haha. He’ll make a great dad!

  2. Ha ha I think next time our kids will be very well-entertained and intellectually stimulated just by having Zibin talk to them. I’ve always known he’d make a responsible and caring dad… didn’t realize till recent couple of years how good he is at engaging kids!

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