This is fashion?

Seriously… this is ‘high fashion’? I wouldn’t even pay $100 for these. Are designer labels meant to make people blind or just willing to make an irrational dent to their bank accounts? Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. :P

These prices make me dizzy.

Gazarre Donna Arlecchino tunic, $2,050, and skirt, $1,500, from Miu Miu


22 Faubourg Ladies Tee, $729, from Lanvin

Ok this one design still quite cute. But $729 for a T-SHIRT???!??!! *faints*

Cervo lux print ‘fairy bag’, $3,420, from Prada

This is supposedly flying off shelves in Singapore. Why….?

[Photos from Straits Times Interactive]

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  1. Seriously, for such fashion, even paying anyone with a sane mind $10K to wear such clothes/accessories would be difficult. One million dollars will be a different matter though… :)

    But then again, there ARE indeed some who would splurge thousands of dollars just to pursue a fashion statement. Sometimes, this secular world is just difficult to comprehend.

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