Blast from the Halim past

Me with about half of my Halim cousins (the other half not yet born at time of the photo) with Grandma

My cousin Jackie just added this photo to Facebook. Man, what a blast from the past I got when I checked it out (cos she tagged me in it).

The bane about being the oldest grandchild is that you’ve long become geeky and gangly when all your little cousins are still cute. Man!

The three youngest in the photo (toddlers in the foreground) are now all strapping 21 yr old men more than 6 ft tall! I used to love carrying and cuddling them. Ah the tales I could tell their girlfriends about them…. *wicked cackle* That’s the cool thing about being the eldest!


  1. do u have a cousin called felicia? hahahaaa cause i rem my friend’s last name is halim too haha

  2. My youngest aunt is called Felicia Halim but I don’t have a cousin by that name. Halim is a pretty common last name I think!

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