Introducing "Living in a Fine City"


Want to look at Singapore through a fresh pair of eyes? You’ve got to check out Keith & Teng Fang’s blog which is this blog’s latest link addition. Promisingly titled “Living in a Fine City: He said, she said observations, random musings and the latest (mis)adventures of a SG-CAD couple living in the Lion City”, every new entry has me and Zibin in stitches.

Don’t forget to check out their “Engrish in Asia” photo album either… hee-larious I tell ya!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! it’s so funny!!! aahhh singaporeans wld always be singaporeans. I never understood the ‘choping’ seats or tables with the tissue packets even when i was there. its so weird =.=

  2. Singaporeans are trained to chop seats from young… remember how water bottles and school bag were used to chop the queue for school bus, or was it just my primary school?

  3. Oh yeah that’s right! And in my school water bottles were used to chope ‘play-area’ (e.g. a hop-scotch) while we went to buy food.

  4. somehow i was thinking that happens in Singapore because singaporeans are good rule followers and singapore is relatively more homogeneous in culture? imagine having a pack of tissue chopping seats in Toronto… nope, can’t imagine.. :P

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