"Big Chill" in Singapore

From today’s Straits Times Interactive:

Average temperatures so far this month have dipped to 25.6 deg C – the lowest in 74 years. The coldest March was in 1934, when mean temperatures was 25 deg C.

Thermometers across the island registered a chilly 21.8deg C – cooler than most air-conditioner temperatures – on Thursday night, making it the fourth coldest day since 1934.

Make no mistake, this past week has been wonderful temperature-wise for me. For the first time since I got back, I could get through an entire day at home for a consecutive 5 days without turning on the air-conditioning – even noon-time in my study which is usually stifling is a breeze this week.

It’s been raining every day this week as well. Near record amount of rainfall for March. Wet and cool is nice, except sometimes I do miss the hot sun which motivates me to take a plunge in the swimming pool or which causes me to drench my towel doing yoga in the living room.

Now, if only we can have sunshine and still have temperatures hovering around 25 deg C everyday in Singapore… we’d save a ton on electricity bills. *wistful*

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