Once upon a time this was hip ok! *smirk*

Those of you born within a couple of years of me will definitely remember 小虎队. They were so hot back in their heyday that even I knew a few of their songs. Thing is, I never *saw* them in action.

I was showing Zibin a video clip of Rain dancing earlier. That led to Zibin requesting to watch Michael Jackson’s moonwalk in action (insert Ivy’s hysterical screams :P). Somehow, that led to Zibin wanting to see his former idols 小虎队 in action.

Which led to this… which I couldn’t watch without laughing from beginning to end. Hey, I used to like this song ok! Just can’t believe how dated the clothes, hair, MV and moves seem now. Maybe in 15 years’ time, we’d be laughing at Jay Chou in the same way.

ENJOY 小虎队 singing 星星的约会 *grin*:


  1. O MAN… TYPEWRITER leh!!! TYPEWRITER HOR!!…. hahahhaha. i like that the buttoned their shirts all the way UP!!! i was not a xiao hu dui fan lah.. liked some of their songs but not exactly fan of theirs.

  2. MI.. CHAE…. EELL!!!! woo hoo!

    hahaha.. I still say, he is still the BEST and most Creative dancers i know. everybody else just tries to act cool. *duck from vege and fruits*

  3. i’m sure they must feel very embarassed watching this MV by now.. aiyo! esp towards the end.. aiyo!! see, u can tell how far ahead MJ was of his time… man!

  4. LOL wow Ivy, yes yes we know you were (are?) a die-hard MJ fan… btw Zibin says he also wants to buy the 25th anniversary album of MJ!

    And yeah, MJ’s dancing and moon-walking still is cool. After all, I think he kick-started it for the current hip-hop dance trend!

  5. hahah. i still can’t get over the typewriter. BIG BIG one some more! MANUAL one.. it’s not even electronic!! FWAH. totally fu4 gu3 man.

    SOb sob..i dun wanna go to school in this rain……..rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

  6. Hee, I used to like them too :) I think I have all their cassette tapes :)

    Their first album after they got back together is very nice too: “星光依旧灿烂”. I remember listening to it over and over in Taiwan on my walkman then haha… I actually bought that tape in Taiwan :)

  7. Haha! This is so memorable..

    Try grasshoppers, they are really good then too.

    Also, haha, no need to wait 15 years for Jay Chou, look back at his first album already got such a feeling. haha!

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