Girl talk… our way

As is our pattern, Ting and I ‘fell’ into a long-drawn conversation last night. And as usual (with Ting), our talk spanned not only many hours and topics, but also over different locations.

We started in the living room where Ting was sitting on her massage ‘chair’. Then moved into my bedroom where I showed her stuff on my computer and we ended up doing stretches on my bedroom floor as we talked. We got thirsty and went into the kitchen where for some reason we stayed… standing up… until we got tired and sat on the kitchen floor. It got really late (or early) so we called it a night.

Until this morning when I drowsily shuffled into her bedroom and curled up on her extra mattress while she was getting ready for work. The conversation resumed and we kept it up… until I closed the apartment door behind her.

We never plan for these long talks that happen once in a long while, even when I was living here in the past. Somehow they just happen spontaneously. And somehow, as it is with Ting, we never stay in the same position or location from beginning to end. Which works out well actually, cos I think the movement keeps us limber and alert to talk longer *ha ha*.

It’s funny how we can start from nowhere… stop anywhere… and pick up again from anywhere. Our talks seem random and yet at the same time, focused.

We really never run out of things to talk about. I like to think that we have enough material to talk about and not talk about for a lifetime. :P

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