Let's start from here

There’s a friend’s blog that kind of serves as a radio for me. Every now and then she uploads a new song, and every so often, I fall in love with it. What’s interesting for me is that the music she uploads isn’t the kind I usually listen to or look for on my own. In fact, Zibin almost always asks me in surprise what music I’m listening to only to have me reply, “I’m at XXX’s blog.” :)

I love the variety of music she shares. From Mando/Canto-pop, to R&B, E-pop, K-pop, Jazz, dance remixes, American classics to classical… it’s better than traditional radio cos it’s all been through quality screening! :P

Jazz and bossa nova is a genre I go in and out of craze for, but when I heard this song on her blog, it felt like a cool plunge on a hot day (if you’re in Singapore)… or sipping a steaming mug of cocoa by the fireplace on a cold winter night (if you’re in Toronto :P). This Taiwanese lass is good.

I like the MV too. Makes me miss those lazy European afternoons I’d experienced so many years ago, watching people and cars go by on cobblestoned streets with a drink in my hand.

This is from [王若琳] Joanna Wang’s Start From Here album. Enjoy: Let’s Start From Here!

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