A splendid afternoon walk

Frankie's polish Hot Dog with the works on College St.Koffler Student CenterMural on McCaul St.
My first cup of Second Cup (hot apple cider) with JingSt. Basil's ChurchNew building complex on McCaul & Baldwin
Pigeons taking flightSilverstein BakeryStained glass at entrance of St. Basil's

I made a date with Jing today which was probably our last chance of quality time alone together before she hibernates for exams. The weather this afternoon was gorgeous so we decided to spend the time together walking. We walked all around campus, visiting St. Basil’s, being frightened by pigeons (only Jing, not me), eating hot-dogs, drinking hot cider, taking photos and talking. We spent 2 hours on our feet which turned out to be great exercise (my legs are aching as I type this entry!).

I’m also taking this chance to let you know that I’ve started a photo album for selected photos from my Toronto visit. Click on any of the thumbnails above to enter, or visit via the ‘Photo Album’ link in the blog side-bar. It’s under ‘General Album’. There are already quite a few photos there, and I’ve made it such that the newest additions will appear first in the album, and it will stay that way until this trip is over. :)


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