Happy 9th, Sweetie!

Here are nine things I appreciate and love about you on our 9th anniversary…

1. The way you make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth because you love me
2. The way you never fail to brighten my life with your humour and wisdom
3. The way you love and take care of your family and mine like they were your own
4. The way you sometimes understand me even better than I understand myself
5. The way you let me be exactly who I am, loving and accepting me as is
6. The way you bring light and laughter wherever you go
7. The way you give your best in whatever you do
8. The way you bring patience and kindness to difficult situations
9. Your profound trust, hope and faith in God

As a girlfriend, then fiancée and wife, I really can’t ask for anything more. I am with a man who loves and honours me more than I deserve. I’m too aware of how selfish and willful I can be at times, but you not only humour me, you always choose the right time to give me guidance.

The most wonderful thing about the past 9 years for me is how we bring out the best in each other and have both grown into wiser and more loving versions of ourselves. I wouldn’t be me today if you hadn’t been with me these 9 years, just as I know you wouldn’t be you.

You are my best friend, my soul mate and the best partner I could have hoped for in life. Thank you, darling, and happy anniversary!

Lord we enthrone You again in our hearts just as we did nine years ago. Help us to make You our First Love and to bring Your love to each other. Hold us close to You and give us grace to be faithful to You and each other always.


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