My Toronto Family

Ting & Sa Sa treated me and ZB to dinner at Sambuca Grill today. Ooh, and we got ourselves matching ribbon pendants too. Ting went to buy them after work and we all put them on at dinner (with ZB bemusedly looking on, half-afraid that we’d give him one to put on as well :P).

Following dinner, I was still in the mood for some girl-bonding and so I asked Wanting to take out the birthday presents I got her from Singapore and we had some fun in front of the camera. I hadn’t expected everyone to be so game with funny faces today, we got some really fun shots! Gotta thank our long-suffering camera man who had a heavy dose of estrogen today… and Ting & Sa Sa for the hugs, giggles and goodness-knows-what-else.

Ann :P

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