Till the next time!

Just like that, my month in Toronto is over. Though now it seems like the time here was short, I never felt that the time passed quickly. Every day was filled with all the little things that make Toronto a special place to me.

I walked and walked and WALKED… almost every day!
I had lots of quality time to spend alone whether in contemplation, reflection, work, or leisure.
I managed to taste all of the food I’ve missed so much (to me, Toronto is much more of a food paradise than Singapore is…)
I took many photographs.
I spent time catching up with my friends, colleagues and professors and had such fun doing so!
I got to live in my dear apartment once again with Ting & Sa Sa, sharing food, gossip, stories, fashion magazines (which I realized I will probably never really enjoy reading! I had more fun with Wanting’s The Economist than all the Jap magazines Mel lent me though both made me feel ignorant :P)
I experienced the last vestiges of winter turn slowly but surely into spring. I haven’t seen flowers bloom yet but the trees lining the streets are already budding!
Little pieces here and there… friendly faces everywhere…
It’s been splendid!

And I’ll be back… maybe sooner than I think!

Now it’s on the New York to visit with Serena, WK, and little Hannah!


  1. Hello dear!

    You don’t know how lucky you are to be back there! Haha.. :) You must have had tons of fun! :) And yes, JF and I also feel, that Toronto is more of a food paradise than Singapore is :)

    Say hi to ZB and his sister’s family for me :)

  2. dotter:
    I miss you too! Will see u soon in Singapore though. :)

    Yes I know I’m so lucky to be able to visit Toronto quite frequently after having moved back to Singapore. Zibin too! I miss the food there already… but nvm, I’m also looking forward to having prata again after I get back :P

    I’ll be back in Singapore on April 26th. Looking forward to seeing u again soon!

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